Still Video Project

For this project, I filmed different shots of Hunt Softball Park, and edited them together in Adobe Premiere.


Kindness by Naomi Shihab Nye

For this project, I edited together sections of Naomi Shihab Nye’s Kindness poem by different people in the class.  I added background music, ambient sound of flowing water throughout the entire poem, and a bus sound effect during the section of the poem that mentions a bus.  Also, I added a visual title graphic for the entire poem.

Magazine Covers

For the second part of the Photoshop assignment, I created two different magazine covers.  For one of them, I used a photo that I took.  For the other cover, I used photos that I found on the internet.  Each cover had to have a title, a photo, and some reasonable text related to the photo and title of the magazine.  For the first magazine cover, I made one up for a medical equipment company monthly magazine using a photo of my dad with a boot on for his broken foot.  For the second magazine cover, I made up the name of a military aircraft magazine and used photos of the F-35 plane from the internet.Brown_Magazine1Brown_Magazine2


For the first part of the Photoshop assignment I had to create three collages with each one having at least 10 images that were significant to me, some text, and layer masks.  For the first collage, I did German and American World War II guns.  For the second collage, I did some of my favorite characters from TV shows that I have seen.  For the third collage, I did some of my favorite video game characters.Brown_Collage1Brown_Collage2Brown_Collage3